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If you are a creative, a voice talent, or a small business owner. You need a website. It's not a luxury anymore. It's a business essential. And its more than just an extension of your business card. Its a way to protect and defend your name on the internet. Its a way to engage with potential clients that you have not met in person yet. And its a way to increase your reach to increase your potential customer base.

A website can also be a pretty expensive proposition.

Until now that is.

In this course, DC Newman will take his years of website and WordPress experience, and cut through all the junk you don't really need to know and leave you with just the useful stuff. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and tools to build your own one page WordPress website, making sure its fast and designed for good SEO, AND it's also a great experience for your potential clients.

If you can be the CEO of YOU, INC. Then you also have the skills to be the webmaster of YOU.com!

    We go over all the technical terms and what they mean in English. And we toss out all the junk that you don't need to know about.

  • TECH

    We dive into the specifics of WordPress: What you need to know, what it does, and how you bend it to do what YOU want it to do.


    We build a basic site in real time so you can see how things work, how things work together, and how YOU can build your own site from scratch. (With a minimum of drama)

Knowledge is power

You just don't know what you don't know.

Knowledge is power and I want to empower you to take control of your website.  After all, it is the public face of your business.  

Single page websites can run to over $1000 to have built for you these days.  If you are just starting out, building your website yourself can save you some money that you can put into other parts of growing your business.

Even if you do have the budget to have a website built by someone else, you still should know what they are talking about and how things work so you can insure that you are getting your money's worth.

  • Sessions 1 & 2 will cover the technology, terms and concepts that you need to be familiar with to build your own websites easily and quickly.  (But just the stuff you actually need to know.)
  • Then during the third session I will build a website from the ground up from scratch.  You will be able to watch in real time as I build a site from a clean install of WordPress.

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